Got #vanlife envy? Try it yourself.

We’ll be unwrapping the Cricket soon!


Near Watkins Glen, New York (July 2015)


There was recently a New Yorker article about #vanlife, the lifestyle brand and Instagram fad. (If you prefer listening, Marketplace covered it, too.)

We’re not so idealized here at Curious Crickets and still we’re really excited to be getting the Cricket out of winter storage. Because waking up in fields and forests. Is. Awesome.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to get out for a week.

Are you curious about The Cricket?

Contact us if you’re interested in short or long term rental.

IMG_4723 (1)

Idaho almost into Oregon (September 2015)


Near Joseph, Oregon (September 2015)


Cricket Waiting For Spring in Connecticut (March 2017)

I’m taking off the tarp next weekend!

We’ll be using the camper on occasional weekends, maybe at MassMoCA, hopefully in the wild as well. We’re lending the Cricket to a friend in September for a residency in Maine. A few things planned.

There’s room on the calendar…


cricket small