{Built to Order}

When I wrote about our Cricket purchase for the Comet Camper site, I mentioned visiting a dealer in Henderson, Colorado. They were super helpful and we’d been planning for pickup there (to coincide with a visit to the Nelsons) but we recently discovered that the Cricket is becoming available at more and more dealers around the country (and making inroads to the East Coast).

On Friday we placed a deposit with a Camping Center in Lenoir, North Carolina. Our custom Cricket will be green, and will come installed with: a tongue box; roof rack bars; top-loading fridge; second battery; and spare tire (in addition to all the standard features I’ve described here). We’ll be be purchasing our solar panels separately (a present from my parents) along with various other gear that we’re researching.

While we won’t get to combine the trip with a visit to the Nelsons (the downside), this new location will save us about 40 hours of driving (a big upside for the inaugural trip). We’ll be heading out for pickup in early April while Chris is still finishing art projects and building our kayaks — it will be a busy time. We plan to head to Lenoir via highways (about 11 hours) but we’ll detour home via the scenic route (probably closer to 20 hours, plus a day or two for outdoor adventure). This will be a helpful test run before our official departure at the end of May.

We’ll keep you posted from the road! XOXO,

cricket small