{Review: TINY}

TINY: A Story About Living Small is the story of Christopher Smith, a young man fulfilling a lifelong dream. Often people say they want to live in tiny houses because less focus on “stuff” will allow more focus on “experiences.” Christopher’s story is all about doing, experiencing, and the lifelong value of knowing you have accomplished something hands-on.

“I heard about these people who live in tiny houses, and I wanted to know more,” Christopher says in the trailer.

But in addition to just “knowing more,” Christopher set out to build his very own tiny house (with the help of his girlfriend Merete). TINY follows the building story, interspersed with interviews that set context about the tiny house movement in America.

The cinematography is georgous, with long shots of the Colorado landscape and a calm and elegant color palate that makes their story even more enviable. Who wouldn’t want to live in this lush world?







I read about this film on the Tiny House Blog and rented it on ITunes last weekend. (It’s not on Netflix yet but was certainly worth the $3.99 I paid to watch it in SD.)

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