{And we drive. And drive. And take pictures. And drive …}

Due to our later-than-anticipated departure date, we whirlwind drove through the midwest and Mississippi valley. We are scheduled to be in Idaho the evening of August 3 (more on that adventure as it arrives) and so we needed to make up some time so that we could slow down once we hit the west. At least, that was my logic.

All the same, we had some lovely campsites like the one below. (By the way, we added a new page, cricket campsites, which you’ll see in the menu bar at the right. On it we’re documenting each place we stay. Soon, we’ll add a map of our route, too.)

This was a free site off a side road in Indiana. It was a wildlife refuge with a small pond and dock (great for reading, as you’ll see below). So lovely! Chris took all the pics, except the one I took of him hard at work cooking.

IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2303IMG_6169

This next one was taken at a reservoir just outside Allegheny National Forest way back when we started our trip (it feels like so long ago now). We stopped for lunch and met a man, his elderly mother, and his wife, all on their way to the 50th (iirc) reunion for a town that was flooded to create the reservoir. They meet every year! They told us about life in the town, showed us the sledding hill (now a bank of the reservoir) and made friendly small talk about our travels. Then we saw this sign, which amused Chris to no end.


We rode bikes on the shore of Lake Erie. It reminded me of the Cape. It reminded Chris of the Keys. Either way, we were happy to stretch our legs, and we were totally enamored with the colors of the sunset on the lake.

IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4477

We get irrationally excited when we see windmills. But truly, they are like sculpture.


I insisted that we stop here in Nelson, Wisconsin, for some shots of my very own Nelson guy with the town sign. On our way to Minneapolis, we decided to drive up both sides of the Mississippi river so we saw some in Illinois, some in Iowa, some in Wisconsin, and some in Minnesota. We loved the Great River Road and thought the Wisconsin portion was particularly lovely, although our opinion might have been swayed by the wine tasting that we partook during that particular afternoon. The following series are from that drive.


IMG_2308 IMG_2312 IMG_2318 IMG_2322 IMG_2325


And that brings us almost up to date! Coming next, adventures in South Dakota. We spend almost a week in the Black Hills, and I could have stayed longer.

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