Getting Hitched

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We got married!

To celebrate, here’s a post about oh-so-sexy trailer hitches…! And a shout-out to our favorite wedding photographer, the amazing Cassandra Summer, who captured us beautifully and made the process so much fun.

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4 Rounds of the trailer-hitch-install-and-repair process:

Round 1: UHaul install on the Subaru in Connecticut before heading to North Carolina to pick up the Cricket (March 2015);

Round 2: UHaul repair electrical on Subaru in Idaho, after we realized that the lights weren’t working at night (late July 2015)

Round 3: When we switched vehicles, Chris’ dad got a hitch installed on the truck for us. UHaul again (September 2015).


Saying goodbye to the Subaru.

Round 4: Everything worked fine until February 2017, when Chris left work one evening to find the truck covered with foamy stuff and a note on the windshield. Apparently, the electrical connection had caught fire, and the fire department put it out. It seemed pretty random and there were no other problems except that we had to add

“get the hitch fixed”

to our spring pre-Cricket adventure task list. I took the truck in for the repair to a place in Springfield, they did an okay job except for not mounting the electrical plug like I’d asked (like Chris had asked) far back enough under the bumper so that it wouldn’t get hit if we backed into anything. The likeliest reason for the fire was that several weeks prior I’d backed into a mailbox post. It was just a tap, it seemed nothing was damaged but maybe something came loose and mis-connected over time.


Cricket Love

Cricket travels definitely had something to do with the decision to get married after ten years sharing life together and it deserves a mention here. We made it through camper mishaps, compromises, doing nearly everything together, and learning how to be partners in deeper ways. A fifteen-month road trip is a great way to grow a relationship.

Yay for love!

If you have trailer hitch questions, message us!

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