{Ongoing adventures in Oregon}

We’ll have several posts soon about my mom’s excellent visit to Portland, the adventures of Chris and Alexis on the coast, even more about Chris’ explorations of the coast, and other highlights of the last month like Olympic National Park and some new friends in Bend.

But since all of that will take a bit of time to mentally process, and because we have so many pictures to organize, I have another post first.

This week I had my first excursion alone with the Cricket. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised that I chose to spend part of that time soaking in hot water.

But first? A drive through snow!


The only logical way out of Bend took me over this pass.

For those of you worried about my safety with the trailer, I did pull over and wait until I could follow a plow truck.


And for those of you who, like me, are still learning the conventions of mountain life out west: those orange poles are guide markers for snow plows (for when the snow gets REALLY deep).


But soon enough I was through the snow and into light fog on a winding road along a reservoir … headed to Cougar hot springs.


The water really looked that aqua green, and the banks really looked that red.


There’s moss everywhere! And the foliage is still shining.


This next one looks like the temple of an ancient civilization, doesn’t it?


With the fog, it was really hard to capture a clear picture.


But these scenes had me banging on the steering wheel saying, “oh my god, oh my god” as I drove along the cliff edge.


It was amazing.


And endless. (Here’s my rig!)


I want to go back. Again and again!


This waterfall begins the short hike into the hot springs.


It was mossy and stunning. I thought it would be quiet there, because it was a Wednesday morning, and lightly raining.


But the four cascading pools in various temperatures were nearly filled with naked and semi-naked people lounging in the mountain air.


So I can’t show you pictures of the hot springs themselves. But trust me, they are worth all that driving!



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