Spring comes, Grass grows by itself

I recently discovered a beautifully illustrated and narrated book called “Go Where You are Drawn.” It was a moment of good synchronicity.

Author Jeremy Collins is a climber and illustrator who, upon finding himself restless and searching, decided to head in the four cardinal directions – and up. I like discovering people who are called to keep exploring.


I also appreciate knowing that other people bleed, too, and keep going.


Jeremy used his travels, and his existing climbing skills, to create a journey of discovery, personal challenge, and growth. Climbing and fear again, it seems. An interesting theme.


And I love the way Jeremy draws and paints.




After google searching for more information on this interesting book, I discovered that Jeremy is also a filmmaker.

My first reaction is admiration and excitement. I like what Jeremy has done, it resonates with me, and I always appreciate knowing there are people out there adventuring in creative ways. If I’m being honest, this work also brings up some insecurity for me. Will I be able to share my lessons as effectively as this? How? Where?

Indeed, what are my lessons? Do I know yet? I can feel something crystalizing here in Durango and my sense of “what’s next” becoming more clear. At the same time I’m also still in the discovery process, still a traveler. I remind myself of this because my urge is to rush to the end, to find out what’s next simply because I am curious. I am still learning to slow down.

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself.” This zen saying is something I repeated to myself a lot this winter in San Clemente, to help myself through moments in which I wanted my lessons of this “year” to come faster.

This summer I’ve learned by settling in, and next week we leave Durango to learn by being on the road again until October. Burning Man, and then points east, by way of — Canada? We don’t know yet. We’re just beginning to talk about routes again, get excited about those possibilities.


Go where you are drawn. It’s a good principle, and a book or video I recommend checking out.

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