The Black Hills

In the Badlands, it was recommended to us by several people to visit Custer State Park while in the Black Hills. I’ve come to realize when at least three different people recommend a place, it’s probably worth visiting.
We’re glad we took this advice because this park was fun to both drive and hike around in.
Our first hike followed French Creek, or rather criss crossed it multiple times. I’ve never been on a trail that crosses a steam so many times. At first we would take our shoes and socks off each time but after the thirteenth time we gave up and waded across with them on. Overall we crossed French Creek 29 times. Good thing it was a warm summer day.
 We spent the next day doing several short hikes around the Cathedral Spires. Some great rock formations and beautiful county.
We spent on afternoon at Sylvan lake but opted not so swim. We left that to the kids.
We enjoyed the Black Hills in general. We camped outside the town of Custer and stayed there for several days while exploring Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park. There’s lots to do in this southwest corner of South Dakota including Jewel Cave and Mount Rushmore. Skipping Mount Rushmore and unable to get into Jewel Cave, we were just happy to see Custer State Park and relax at camp watching the white tail deer and turkeys roam around.
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